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Lighthouse Assisted Living takes special care in adhering to the various rules and regulations of Colorado DPHE.

All assisted living facilities in the state of Colorado should abide by the rules and regulations that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has formulated. The CDPHE is extremely strict in ensuring that each assisted living facility in the state adheres with the top standards necessary for maintaining the health of the seniors that live in these residences. The CDPHE also ensures each facility’s security and safety with respect to the residents, occasionally observing all assisted living facilities in the state to ensure compliance. In light of this, Lighthouse Assisted Living provides extra care in complying with the various rules and regulations of CDPHE.

The reason for such strict rules and regulations by the CDPHE is due to the fact that the residents living in assisted living homes typically suffer from different memory troubles such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, stroke, disorientation, and others. Such patients need high standards of protection due to the nature of their ailments and the potential for abuse and exploitation.

If the department receives information about exploitation or abuse, or finds them present in an assisted living residence, it treats them as serious infringements. The CDPHE does not hesitate to fine or bring other action on the organization in which such incidences have happened.  The department holds such breaches as inappropriate management or organization of the team members of assisted living services. The department not only does unexpected surveys of all assisted living homes in Colorado, but also follows up with direct inspections on complaints received. The department ensures that the concerned organization should correct such deficiencies immediately.

The main assisted living facilities in Colorado are inhabited assisted living facilities, personal assisted living facilities, and modified care facilities. The CDPHE licenses these as residential assisted living facilities to conduct and offer boarding to elders afflicted with serious memory impairment disorders. These residences act as mental health treatment inhabited homes.
The care facilities have the license of the CDPHE, and when approved are eligible for Medicaid funding as well. The department conducts inspections to make sure that such services have the proper certification of Medicaid and adhere with its rules.

Assisted living homes such as Lighthouse Assisted Living homes are licensed homes for elders with dementia disorders under the direction of trained and knowledgeable team members. In general qualified nurses personally manage such homes.

Lighthouse Assisted Living Colorado Homes and Lighthouse Assisted Living allow for high quality of life to Elders suffering from dementia disorders

Hardly anyone can identify the differences between daily hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, adult day care centers, and assisted living homes. Carefully developed homes, such as Lighthouse Assisted Living Colorado homes, and the assisted living services in such homes are able to provide a very high quality of life to elders who are suffering from a variety of memory ailments as they age. People admitted to nursing homes are generally those suffering from ailments that need constant supervision, monitoring, and attention, including regular medication. Most are bedridden, and are not able to move around freely. Age is not a reason for being admitted into a nursing home, only the seriousness of the disease.

Then again, practically all elders are able to move in a general sense most of the time and go on with their regular activities, except for when they become disoriented due to their memory issues. However, they do require assistance in some activities such as dressing, bathing, grooming, and even eating. Still, they direct a quite regular life and they enjoy living with other inhabitants suffering from related situations.

The Assisted Living Colorado homes and the assisted living facilities in them provide accommodation only a small group of people, typically about eight persons in every residence. Also, these homes provide individual adjustment to elders suffering from dementia disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, disorientation, and memory loss. Allocated places are offered only on particular requests by the homes themselves or their relative’s members.

The assisted living facilities in Lighthouse Assisted Living Colorado homes have their own kitchen expert offer three meals daily with emphasis on taste, variety and nutritious worth of the food items. The inhabitants of these homes have extra socialization with involvement as a total group in different regular activities, several of them especially helpful for maintaining and improving the physical and mental health of the elders living in these residences. Also, the ratio of team members to residents is quite high in assisted living Colorado homes, providing continuous monitoring, care and personal attention. Moreover, the owners of Lighthouse Assisted Living Colorado homes promise that the seniors go to nearby restaurants, garden, malls, and picnic spots on a regular basis, so that they have variation in their regular life. Every one of these assisted living facilities make Lighthouse Assisted Living Colorado homes ideal places for elders with dementia disorders in the last days of their life.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Lighthouse Assisted Living Englewood Home is the Greatest Selection for Your Loved Elders with Memory Impairment

Liz Littleton happens to be a registered nurse but her major focus has turned to hospital nursing and end of care life. She met Tom Littleton and found that he also shared a similar enthusiasm to offer care to elders with different kinds of dementia disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, memory loss, disorientation, and others. They organized the Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes and now operate six assisted living homes in Centennial, Englewood, and Littleton. Their four children also spend their free time with the residents. The Lighthouse assisted living Englewood home is Emporia House at 6318, S. Emporia Circle, Englewood, 80111.

The Lighthouse assisted living Englewood home and the additional five homes have a full time house supervisor who is a certified nursing supporter with numerous years of experience in care giving. On weekends, the homes use part time assistants to offer more concentration to the seniors. The high staff to resident ratio assists in presenting personal attention to every resident in these homes. The homes are small, and preserve a homely atmosphere so that the seniors do not feel they are gone from their homes. The one-on-one concentration and care is not simply a money making tool, but also an opportunity to provide care that is individualized. The charge at Lighthouse assisted living Englewood home, and the additional five homes, are all comprehensive with personal supplies.

Usual nursing evaluations, general care plans, scheduled visits by aging specialist, and on call physician services make sure that the physical and mental health condition of the seniors in Lighthouse assisted living Englewood home are frequently monitored and checked. The homes have security monitors and call bells to offer maximum safety and security to the residents. The staff members present support to the elders in their everyday activities such as bathing, grooming, eating, etc. Additional activities such as puzzles, reading sessions, gardening, cooking, walking, music, regular outings, and others ensure that the residents are kept engaged all the time. This assists in protecting the health of the seniors afflicted with dementia disorders, important for helping to reduce required medicine. The staff members handle medication and incontinence assistance for the residents.

The Lighthouse assisted living Englewood home has the ability to manage physical and professional therapy services. The rooms and suites in the home are semi-private and private based on the first choice of the residents. The home ensures that hospice care is provided in the event that it is necessary. All these things make the Lighthouse Assisted Living homes the perfect place for people distress from dementia and memory impairment troubles.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Get Different Therapy at Assisted Living Lighthouse

Some assisted living facilities are experts in memory disorder issues, and offer memory care services. One such facility is Lighthouse Assisted Living Colorado, and features memory therapy for those with individual effects that they have brought with them. They frequently expend time with these treatments, renewing their connections to the past and trying to keep their memories active. This is an inspiring form of memory therapy that not every assisted living facility offers, though every kind of assisted living home can do their part to make a difference in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease.

In assisted living englewood, as well as hospitals and private houses all over the nation, pets are sometimes used for therapy with elders. Owning a pet has been connected with low blood pressure, better activity and socialization, and even the increased likelihood of survival following a heart attack. For those with Alzheimer’s, a four-legged creature can afford a huge comfort, especially in times of confusion and agitation. Studies have revealed that habitual contact with a pet can aid in the reduction of nervousness and increase feelings of calm and well-being. Some people with Alzheimer's have been capable to stop taking anti-anxiety medication after regular contact with pets.

Hydrotherapy has been used as far back as the end of fourth century, the health advantages of hydrotherapy were first made famous as Hippocrates, the Greek physician recognized as the Father of Medicine, studied the process and credited it as a cure to many disorders. The first exploration with hydrotherapy was undertaken in natural springs.

Before the treatment became well known as hydrotherapy, the water-based treatment for a disorder was called hydropaths. The curing advantages of hydrotherapy were first documented by Hippocrates in the end of fourth century, and described instances of cures credited to natural springs. Hydrotherapy can make use of either hot or cold water, ice packs or vaporizers. Communal baths were the order of the day in early Rome, and were used as a technique to instigate wellness and health. The Egyptians added aromatic oils and flower essences to their water as a way to promote healing, while Hippocrates saw natural spring water as having an advantage.

The services obtainable at Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes include home cooked and nutritious meals, as well as balanced snacks, assistance with bathing, grooming, maintaining personal hygiene, housekeeping, cleaning, medication administration, incontinence assistance, laundry and linen services, manicures and pedicures, salon services, periodical nursing assessments, and extensive flexible care plans. Due to the above carefully planned activities and services, Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes are a model place for seniors with dementia disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and those requiring hospice care.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Assisted Living Facilities Littleton – House That Runs on Care and Support

Liz Littleton joined the nursing course as a career choice, and she never expected that it would change her entire life. After becoming a registered nurse, she worked in several fields like Pediatric ICU and Hospice Nursing. However, Hospice Nursing and end of life care became a passion for her. Since her father was also a physician, she selected nursing as her career but her focus became more attuned towards people with dementia disorders during the 11 years that she practiced as a nurse. That is when she met Tom Littleton. He had a master’s degree in Business Administration, and wanted to have his own business. After meeting Liz, he also became equally interested in health care and assisted living homes. Thus, the first of the Lighthouse Assisted Living Facilities Littleton came into existence as Newland House at 7070, S. Newland Court, Littleton, 80128. The next assisted living Littleton facility started functioning as Wadsworth House at 8603, S. Wadsworth Court, Littleton 80128. Four more assisted living homes followed these two. They are

•    Elizabeth House at 7783, S. Elizabeth Way, Centennial 80122
•    Steele House at 6,700, S. Steele St., Centennial 80122
•    Irwin House at 2745, E. Irwin Place, Centennial 80122
•    Emporia House at 6318, S. Emporia Circle, Englewood 80111

High quality service is important to Liz and Tom, and they have ensured that the homes remain small so that the staff members are able to give personal attention and care to each resident. They have selected the staff members after careful screening, and give them continuous training and motivation to provide the best possible service to the seniors in assisted living facilities Littleton and the other homes. They also hire part time help during the weekends so that the elders have enjoyable outings during the weekends for shopping, visiting parks and nearby picnic spots, in addition to other activities. Even their four children actively participate in activities with the elders whenever they have free time.

The staff to resident ratio is very high at all assisted living facilities Littleton, and the other homes of Lighthouse Assisted Living. The house managers are Certified Nursing Assistants with several years of experience in caregiving, especially to persons afflicted with dementia disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, disorientation, stroke, etc. The home managers are full time employees who assist the residents with other staff members in all aspects of caregiving. The residents get assistance in all their daily routine activities like bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, etc.

While ensuring high quality caregiving in the assisted living facilities Littleton and other homes, Liz and Tom also make sure that the setting remains homely and affordable to all the residents. They interact with the family members frequently to help them understand that their loved ones are taken care of in every necessary detail. They stand with the seniors all the way until they pass away peacefully, since Hospice, or end of life service, is Liz’s specialty.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Enjoy Life with Assisted Living Facilities Englewood

Many times when one is busy living in the present there is very little consideration that goes into planning for post retirement and excellence of life in the sunset years. Only when one appears at the doorway of being a senior citizen does one understand that life has changed. The approach that one develops towards the lifestyle that he or she wishes to settle in will determine the value of life and happiness. Those who decide to live at homes like Lighthouse Assisted Living make their selection to live amidst a loving family and obtain the most excellent personal care where all of the headaches are taken care of. When one looks at the assisted living facilities Englewood they are immediately struck by the excellence of life that will be experienced there. When individual care, support, and an environment that feels homely with friends are provided, all of your nervousness and apprehensions will evaporate when you decide to live at Lighthouse Assisted living home. You can think on things that are significant to you and live life to the fullest.

Lighthouse assisted living is a total home in every sense. It provides everything that could be required or thought of. In addition to giving both shared and independent accommodation, appropriate food is taken into account for nutrition and diet. Housekeeping and individual services, including assistance in bathing, maintaining the body, as well as other personal tasks are taken care of at assisted living facilities Englewood. A lot of concentration goes into providing for recreational, social, and entertainment associated activities for the members. Members are able to workout, play outdoor as well as indoor games, read, follow hobbies such as gardening, arts, music and cooking, and enjoy watching movies, as well as going on picnics, outings and parties.

As one grows older, nursing and hospital care become essential. Liz, who is owner and runs the Lighthouse assisted living homes, is a registered nurse with enormous experience. She individually obverses each and every member’s therapeutic requirements, as well as nursing requirements, along with her group of qualified staff who work round the clock. For all members, Liz will become a nurse who is able to be present for their daily requirements and an enormous support for emotional safety.

Lighthouse living facilities Englewood is able to supply all types of physiotherapies as well as medication therapies, and particular care for Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s patients. Incontinence organization, medication supervision, personal nursing care, as well as treatment to the personal requirements of each member and their disabilities, is a fraction of the in-house care given at Lighthouse assisted living facilities Englewood. 

Any visitor to Lighthouse Assisted Living home at Englewood will be captivated with the vibrant atmosphere at home, and seeing the pleasure on the face of each member makes one understand that sunset years are not to be dreaded but enjoyed. Liz and Tom consider it their life’s mission to give the most excellent of care at assisted living facilities Englewood and all their homes.

Ideal Place for Care and Attention: Assisted living Littleton

Assisted living Littleton is able to provide you the concern and attention that is required in this stage of life. It has the most excellent care to enable you to make sure that you are capable to enjoying a happy life. You don’t need to be bothered about anything, as everything will be taken care of.

There are numerous levels of care that are present at the assisted living Littleton, which can give you confidence that you can obtain as much privacy as you require, and at the same time be able to obtain the appropriate assistance as well. There are personal living quarters that permit you plenty of privacy, and the companionship of compatible people as well. The employees that you will encounter at the Assisted living Littleton are all qualified and knowledgeable. They are eager to go that further mile in order to make sure that you have a relaxed stay. The staff is dedicated, and has been at the center for a long time. They know precisely how to deal with concerns, and make life a dream for the residents.

Assisted living Littleton has the whole thing taken concern of. They will assist you not just with the day to day care and living, but also with attention to your medication as well. There is also hospital care obtainable for people who require it.

The place presents big individuality as there are only eight residents living there. Most of the rooms that you will come across here are personal units that lend themselves to enormous amounts of privacy. If the resident has any extraordinary requirement this too can be addressed at the home. Most people are in love with the place, and thrive in the loving care and consideration that they receive. After visiting other assisted living homes and you will become aware of the immense differences that are present to distinguish this home. This home has the everything that you could require. You will fall in love with the amazing personalized care that makes the residents feel loved and cared for.

The well being of each and every resident at the Assisted living Littleton is the primary priority and every effort is taken to make ensure this. The primary thing that residents love regarding this place is that it  is a home-like atmosphere that is fashioned so that everyone feels relaxed, and enabled to live well.