Saturday, 5 January 2013

Lighthouse Assisted Living Englewood Home is the Greatest Selection for Your Loved Elders with Memory Impairment

Liz Littleton happens to be a registered nurse but her major focus has turned to hospital nursing and end of care life. She met Tom Littleton and found that he also shared a similar enthusiasm to offer care to elders with different kinds of dementia disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, memory loss, disorientation, and others. They organized the Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes and now operate six assisted living homes in Centennial, Englewood, and Littleton. Their four children also spend their free time with the residents. The Lighthouse assisted living Englewood home is Emporia House at 6318, S. Emporia Circle, Englewood, 80111.

The Lighthouse assisted living Englewood home and the additional five homes have a full time house supervisor who is a certified nursing supporter with numerous years of experience in care giving. On weekends, the homes use part time assistants to offer more concentration to the seniors. The high staff to resident ratio assists in presenting personal attention to every resident in these homes. The homes are small, and preserve a homely atmosphere so that the seniors do not feel they are gone from their homes. The one-on-one concentration and care is not simply a money making tool, but also an opportunity to provide care that is individualized. The charge at Lighthouse assisted living Englewood home, and the additional five homes, are all comprehensive with personal supplies.

Usual nursing evaluations, general care plans, scheduled visits by aging specialist, and on call physician services make sure that the physical and mental health condition of the seniors in Lighthouse assisted living Englewood home are frequently monitored and checked. The homes have security monitors and call bells to offer maximum safety and security to the residents. The staff members present support to the elders in their everyday activities such as bathing, grooming, eating, etc. Additional activities such as puzzles, reading sessions, gardening, cooking, walking, music, regular outings, and others ensure that the residents are kept engaged all the time. This assists in protecting the health of the seniors afflicted with dementia disorders, important for helping to reduce required medicine. The staff members handle medication and incontinence assistance for the residents.

The Lighthouse assisted living Englewood home has the ability to manage physical and professional therapy services. The rooms and suites in the home are semi-private and private based on the first choice of the residents. The home ensures that hospice care is provided in the event that it is necessary. All these things make the Lighthouse Assisted Living homes the perfect place for people distress from dementia and memory impairment troubles.

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