Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lighthouse Assisted Living takes special care in adhering to the various rules and regulations of Colorado DPHE.

All assisted living facilities in the state of Colorado should abide by the rules and regulations that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has formulated. The CDPHE is extremely strict in ensuring that each assisted living facility in the state adheres with the top standards necessary for maintaining the health of the seniors that live in these residences. The CDPHE also ensures each facility’s security and safety with respect to the residents, occasionally observing all assisted living facilities in the state to ensure compliance. In light of this, Lighthouse Assisted Living provides extra care in complying with the various rules and regulations of CDPHE.

The reason for such strict rules and regulations by the CDPHE is due to the fact that the residents living in assisted living homes typically suffer from different memory troubles such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, stroke, disorientation, and others. Such patients need high standards of protection due to the nature of their ailments and the potential for abuse and exploitation.

If the department receives information about exploitation or abuse, or finds them present in an assisted living residence, it treats them as serious infringements. The CDPHE does not hesitate to fine or bring other action on the organization in which such incidences have happened.  The department holds such breaches as inappropriate management or organization of the team members of assisted living services. The department not only does unexpected surveys of all assisted living homes in Colorado, but also follows up with direct inspections on complaints received. The department ensures that the concerned organization should correct such deficiencies immediately.

The main assisted living facilities in Colorado are inhabited assisted living facilities, personal assisted living facilities, and modified care facilities. The CDPHE licenses these as residential assisted living facilities to conduct and offer boarding to elders afflicted with serious memory impairment disorders. These residences act as mental health treatment inhabited homes.
The care facilities have the license of the CDPHE, and when approved are eligible for Medicaid funding as well. The department conducts inspections to make sure that such services have the proper certification of Medicaid and adhere with its rules.

Assisted living homes such as Lighthouse Assisted Living homes are licensed homes for elders with dementia disorders under the direction of trained and knowledgeable team members. In general qualified nurses personally manage such homes.

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